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Compass Packaging Solutions is an expert in custom-built, durable shipping crates. We build your crate to fit the exact specifications you need. With over 50 year’s combined experience in the crating industry, CPS can assist you with all your crating requirements!

Crates & Crating Services

Professionally designed and tested crates

CPS builds each crate specific to each part whether from a computer model or coming to your site and taking the measurements, we work closely with your engineering staff to ensure you get what you need. CPS uses the latest software when it comes to designing your shipping crates, such as Sold Works, Auto-Cad, Pro-E along with many other programs.

CPS is a member of the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) meeting all ISPM 15 guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade. We offer transit testing and can design to your standards whether it be for military, hazardous, clean room or heavy industrial with all necessary documentation.

The key to our service is that we customize your crate to the required specifications. Our team custom designs a crate for the job – from design on page, to model and final fabrication. Custom design means that your product is shipped safely, with both domestic crating and export-compliant crating designs.

Crating Services

We provide complete, customizable, product-specific crating services. Whether onsite or packing in house, our expert staff will properly package your equipment to assure it gets to its destination exactly as it left your dock.

Our crates involve:

  • Mil-spec crates, materials and packaging
  • Vapor-barrier bagging
  • Clean-room crating
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Custom shock-mount protection
  • Shock and vibration protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Heat treatment
  • Desiccant
  • Ocean containerization
  • Heat shrinking
  • Foam-in-place
  • Oversized equipment that does not fit containers
  • CDX plywood cases
  • Cushioned platform skids
  • Ramps and floating decks

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Highest Standards of Service and Flexibility

Rush shipments are expedited with the utmost care, while ensuring that your package is guarded against the elements. We do not stop working until you do. If you need services 24/7 we will be there 24/7 to service you. We take pride in what we build and fully support all services that we perform!