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Custom Fabricated Protective Foam

At Compass Packaging Solutions we specialize in foam technology and fabrication, offering several different types and styles of foam inserts to ensure the utmost protection.

With the latest in foam fabrication, we’re able to fabricate custom inserts to the exact dimensions of the product. We’re able to custom design, prototype and produce foam that is best suited to your packaging needs.

Foam Packaging

Foam and Padded Packaging Services Include:

  • Custom-molded, die-cut to comform to any size and shape
  • Conductive polyurethane foam to prevent against static electricity damage

Materials Used:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polyethylene
  • Molded EPS, RMER
  • Crosslink PE
  • Polpropylene

Capablities Include:

  • Die cut
  • Water jet
  • Hot wiring

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